LabDesk Cloud platform for Smart PRO units in your laboratory.

Sign in and register your Smart PRO units. You can view remotely the current status and measured data anytime, anywhere and on whatever you want (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC etc.).


Get temperature / humidity data charts from your Smart units in real time!


Always up-to-date list of events and exceedances, and you are one step before!


Your raw data is ready to export for detailed analysis or for reporting!


New functionalities and additional options are just a click away!

Get even more out of Smart PRO controllers with LAN & Wi-Fi communication.

Connect your Smart PRO (via LAN or Wi-Fi) unit to LabDesk Cloud and get real-time temperature & humidity data also with the list of alarms and current status.

Thermostatic unit with Smart PRO COntroller

Stop checking.
Start monitoring.

Start monitoring NOW!

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